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About Us

As touring musicians we discovered the need to separate music websites that promote to fans from sites that provide information to industry professionals. We got tired of keeping up our website, blog, facebook pages etc. and while finishing a new CD, we realized that we had brand new, unreleased songs that we needed to share with our agents and promoters that we couldnít share with our fans yet.

What do we do? Create brand new page? That is how we thought of this site.

The purpose of this site is to create a site for the industry professionals. Those professionals do not have the time to surf the net and click on 4 or more sites to get all the information to make a decision on a band.

Now, you can send this link (OurPressKit.com/Your Band) with a password to share your digital press kit with whomever you want. All of your info/music/videos on one page for a club owner, agent or record company to check out.

Plus, as you continue to fill in the fields, you will actually be charting your own success through the industry.

Finally, as musicians, we know that this is the last thing you want to be doing. So, this is not something you need to maintain constantly. Just set it up and update it with the important information as you create it. Rest assured Ė if we donít ask for it, itís not important.




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